Bullets 2016

What's this? I don't really know, this is a remake of this js1k, except it's not a game this time - you can't loose and you can cheat, but this was made to experiment with, and by default, blocks are not destroyed, but are moved instead. I just wanted to see how it would look like with this modification, but since the original is more interesting, you can toggle the original behavior with a fancy input of type "checkbox"!

Maybe the whole thing isn't interesting anymore, but hey - at least you can find it out for yourself with help of this "tool"...
And of course, you can laugh at the source code which is terrible (as always), because I had no time, but also because this was meant to be an "old school" zb3 project, and one of the most important part of that kind of project is that the source code is horrible.

Left click to shoot, Right click to paint blocks

Board settings:
Board dimensions: x
Number of blocks:
Step time:

Style settings:
Cell size: px
Board colors:
Block colors:

Shots fired: 0
Blocks on board: 0
Bullets on board: 0