Maze Explorer 3D

Note #1: This works only in Chromium based browsers!!
Note #2: Code is a mess because I honestly didn't have time to write it properly, sorry

Ever played a 2D maze game? Wondering how it would look in 3D? For the first time ever, you can see it!
Oh but you think you've already seen a 3D maze, right? Probably not, because that was a 3D version of 2D maze, not a true 3D maze, this game allows you to see and explore the true 3D maze!

Use WSAD/arrow keys to move and mouse to look around(you need to click on the game first). You can also mark a cell using the M key, and leave a note using the N key (more on that later)

This has no goals determined by the game itself. In fact, you "should" go from the blue cell to the green one, but the game will not tell you that you "won" or something, because this is a Maze explorer, so it's not really about solving the maze, but more about exploring the maze. But if you wish to solve it, I've made it possible to leave notes for each cell, which may be useful when you're trapped inside the maze, just press the N key, type note and then click wherever.

With tweaking these options you can get interesting results. As always: have fun whatever you're trying to do!

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