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These are the my web based projects that were lucky enough to be finished. These non finished, but still released are marked as [zombie], be prepared that some features may not work there.
Note most of these are really old, and the code doesn't look pretty - it wasn't made for the code. Enjoy anyway :)

Random Walk 3D - let's go for a (pointless) walk in 3D space using cylinders!

Torus generator - screensaver like thing in which you are inside a torus


Maze Explorer 3D - let's you explore the true 3D maze

zb3's clock studio

Symmetry Paint - This tool allows you do draw something in symmetry!

RS4 Encore - remove groups of blocks of the same color!

zb3D Grapher - graph implicit 3d equations and more!

Point load simulator - See how loads move according to Coulomb's law!

Line Engine - fractal-like moving lines in 3D space (as seen here)

Square tunnel - Something similar to torus generator, but this time with squares, without connections between them, with constant z velocity, and with.... colors!!!11

BHT - Forget about driving a car, drive the cuboid instead! Yeah! This "game" let's you drive the cuboid and avoid rectangles! What an awesome opportunity :)

RS4 - Colorful logic game

zb3's grid - like ClixGrid, but configurable, without images and not for money ;)

Brick Car Game - a html5 remake of classic brick car racing game

Brick Fill-Rect Game - a html5 remake of classic brick fill-rect game

GraphTrain - hmm... well, there's a rectangle, which "rides" on the graph by choosing the edge with the most similar angle.

Distribution analysis tool - Want to see what does the distribution of something like Math.random()+Math.random in [0,1) look like? If so, use Excel this tool is for you!

ISLand2D - ah, this time I won't tell :D Click and drag to see what happens!

Bullets2016 - inspired by this js1k

RRG - a game where there's a rectangle and it rotates (wow!!)... and you must suspend it to pass obstacles. It's worse than it sounds but not that easy especially on mobile.

zb3's plane - logic game

CCB graphics - line graphics generator

Equal Area Test - this thing let's you see how good you are at comparing areas of various 2D figures.

Square pool

Drag The Box

Maze game

No Idea/Zombie:
These things are small, low quality, unconfigurable mini projects or zobmie ones that were abandoned but then rescued. Don't judge me based on these please.

SomethingWhatever II - [zombie] 2D shooting "game".

SomeTst - [zombie] a colorful logic game. Actually hard and features are missing as it's a zombie project.

SonethingWhatever - small, very simple colorful game. Warning: low quality

Sphere's collide - two spheres collide. What could happen next?

Drag The Square - made 5 years after Drag The Box, but this time you get absolutely nothing for dragging it - just drag till you run out of time...

DZT - text tool inspired by "Discovery Science"